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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Love Dare Day 2

Ok! I am Moving on to Day 2! YAY! Its Been a Little bit, But, I am Not on anyone's Time Schedule But, God's, So its all good!

Day 2 is Love is Kind.

In the Book they Break Down Kindness in to 4 Basic Core Ingredients:

1.Gentleness: Gentleness is Kindness when your Careful about How you Treat your Spouse or kids in how you Speak to them, not being too Harsh or critical, Gentleness Wants to Be Kind in Addressing them. Even when there is something that Needs to be Addressed Gentleness Bends over Backwards to Make the Issue as Easy to be heard as Possible.

2. Helpfulness: Helpfulness is Kind when you Meet the Needs of the Moment. Doing things that need to be done, because they need to be done, Not for any reward that you may receive, even to the Point of Putting off your own needs for the Moment if you have to.

3.Willingness: Willingness is kind when you are agreeable, when you look for ways to Compromise and Accommodate someone Else's Needs, Instead of Demanding your own way.

4.Initiative: This is Kindness when you are Proactive about Someone else's happiness By looking for Ways to be Kind in advance, and then taking the Steps to make that happen, you dont wait til that person Deserves it,you Do it now:)

Its really hard to Do these things when you Feel your Spouse Doesnt Deserve it, But, Love is a Choice, Not a Feeling and Marriaige is Daily Choices of How you want your Marraige to be, and Love is Showing Kindness when their doesnt Seem to Be anything You get from it.

My Day 2 dare:

This day You are suppose to Keep doing the Day 1 Dare Plus, doing at least one Unexpected Kind act for your Spouse

I am Happy to Report that this is Something that Works Very well:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Love Dare Day 1

OK! WOW! This Love Dare is Some Seriously DEEP,DEEP! Stuff...Because of that I will be taking my Time on this Study! WHOA! Talk about Diging down WAY Deep into your Soul and Digging out the Bad! WOW! I read day one over to my Husband... and i felt like i was being Sucker-punched, Because EVERYTHING i was reading, was the Heart of Issues, that we have have being circling around between him and i for the last almost 5 yrs, and it made me REALIZE what he has been trying to say!! Not to say that HE doesnt have his own issues, He does, and he stated that, but, WHOA the further i read that... the more i REALIZED that he has told me this, time aftertime, after time! I have also stated that this Blog and Study isnt about whats wrong with him, and what i can make him change, or Pester him to death about, This is ALL about me!!! and realizing what I need to Change! This is some SERIOUS Heart Surgery Of the GOD kind!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Love Dare Day 1

Ok, I am Starting this off with a Disclaimer. I will NOT be Blogging Personal Intimate Details of my Marriage during this Series. My Goal of taking this is Learning to Love my Husband Better, ( and to deal with ALL of my relationships in a better way) and not doing things that Bring dishonor to him, by, Sharing Stuff that shouldn't on here. What i WILL be Blogging about is the Chapter i am on and how its affecting me and how I relate to it:)

Ok? 'Nuff said!
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Chapter 1

Love Is Patient

WOW! Chapter 1 Would Be the One thing i have always Struggled with the Most.
I Can Be a Very Impatient Person! My Husband Calls me " Patience" Because i can be SO Impatient! I am One that Will quickly Retaliate when my Husband offends me More often than i really would like to admit! This is something i want to Change! This is Probably the MAIN reason for me to take this LOVE Dare, Because i have Seen this Lack of patience wreck Havoc in More than Just my Marriage.
I believe that this One thing Is the Key to a Whole Slew of Issues! Wow, No wonder they have this First! I am really Looking forward to seeing the Tone it Sets in my Household.
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Love Dare

This Is a Challange I am Doing At a Christian Womens Blogger Site that i am a Member of
Its a 40 Day Challenge that I think will Be Life Changing! I am Looking forward To it, But I am Kinda Leery Because I am Thinking of Doing with With an Accountablity Partner, Which is a little Scary to me. I dont know why Because Transparency is what i WANT!! Anyway! I will be Blogging my Journey on here! Join ME if you like at :

The Love Dare - Christian Women Take Root!

Purpose and Our Choices


God has a Specific Purpose and Plan For our Lives, and i Believe That with All My Heart!

But, Sometimes I really Think that the Choices we Make, and the Actions Choose, and Reactions we Give Delay, or totally Distract us From the Purpose that God has for our Lives. We have a BIG enemy That DOESN'T want to see Us Succeed! an Enemy that Enemy will Use Everything in its Power to see that we don't, and ya know what?

I think that Sometimes we Make it EASY for The Enemy, Because he just uses our own Faults and weaknesses Against us, so that he Doesn't have to do ANYTHING, but sit back and watch Us Fail. He uses our Prideful-ness, our Lack of self- control in our Speech, and Behavior To Derail Us from what God is Calling Us to be. But We, the Other hand, DO have the Choice to come to a Realization that we have the Power to Change that!

God Wants us to Be The Mature Person that He Calls us to be,Just Like any Parent. So, Today, I Am Choosing that! I Have Come to a Place in my Life, in My Walk With God that Doesn't Want the Drama and immaturity That Comes From Being a Baby Christian that Wants to Live In my Old Ways and Old Self. I am SO ready To Step IN to ALL God Has for me!! I have been Getting glimpses of it here and There and I don't have a total Idea of all it is yet, But, I DO know It is MUCH Better than anything I have now or have had in the Past.

This Has come about because of a Situation With a Person that i Thought i knew and i Thought was my Friend. But, Their actions have Given me a Glimpse into a Person I Never knew they were. I think it has always been there, I Just never saw it or choose not to see it, or i wasn't at a Place in my Personal and Spiritual growth, that i would realize it.

I Am not saying Anything Negative about this Person other than the fact that i have Just realized that they are not the Person I thought they were, and that Is my Misconception. They are Still God's Child, God Still Loves them just as much as me or anyone else, and Its Not My Place to Judge their Actions. But, It has Made me Think about My actions and Choices. Ihave the Choice to Choose to Be the Person that God Calls me to be,or Not.

I Don't want My Actions or Emotions to Be a detraction From Gods Glory Being Shown thru me. I Now, More than Ever Am DONE with The Drama of Things that Don't matter in the Light of Eternity.

I am CHOOSING to NOT react, to NOT be Drawn into things that Don't Glorify God. I Just Dont have time For it! I am Not saying that this is Going to Be the Way i am from now on, I am going to have Days that I still struggle with it, Just like anyone else. But I am Choosing to Move Forward and Continue to Step From the Pit Of my Old Behavior, to the Palace that God has Prepared for me.

I realized that Today More than Ever!