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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yes! I do still exist!


Yes! I do still exist! I have been pretty much buried in the world of academia,( and some family stuff, but that's a blog post for another time!) but, I do come up for air ever now and then.

Since last may its been pretty much a math world ( eek!). But, since august I have been working hard on A&P, ( that's Anatomy and Physiology for those who don't know!) The ever so lovely Math, Medical Terminology, and English 111.

The English class hasn't been too bad, except for the fact that sometimes its seems very complicated!
I am not sure if its the professor that's causing that, or its just that way in that class.

One of the assignments that I had to do that was really complicated for me; was that we had to come up with an audience profile for the( hypothetical) audience we would be writing  our essay for.

I had a heck of a time coming up with something because we had to have 5 unique characteristics of one audience and 5 different rhetorical strategies for each characteristics .

When I finally figured out what it was that I was suppose to be putting down on paper this is what I finally came up with! ( keep in mind that this is intended to be a rough draft!)

Audience Profile on the topic of Adult ADHD


1.      My audience will be someone who either is someone who has had trouble concentrating and staying focused; or cares for someone who has this issue. I will be direct and concise because attention and focus can drift very quickly.

2.      My audience will be someone who has never quite felt like they have lived up to their potential because of issues that have always seemed to be in the way. I will describe my own journey and how I have overcome a lot of it and how they can too.

3.      My audience will be someone who isn’t sure if this is describes them at all or not and I will describe what someone who has ADHD deals with (emotionally, professionally, etc.)  so they can see if this is what they are looking for or not.

4.      My audience will be someone who has a high amount of difficulty in staying organized and forgetting things. I will highlight some ways to stay organized and how the use of technology is extremely helpful for people with ADHD to be successful.

5.      My audience with be someone who has had emotional difficulties because of their experiences, I will relate some ideas on how to learn how to manage their feelings, and  how playing to their strengths will make them feel much more successful; and therefore build their self-esteem, which will help them in all areas of their lives.

I sure hope this works!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Would you like your Life over- easy? or hard-boiled?

A thought occurred to me recently...

I used to think that the differences in my Husband's & my own Parenting style, in a manner, of right & wrong.

Mainly, his being wrong... & mine being right, because I  have always thought that he was entirely too permissive. Now, in his defense, he has told me on many... many.... many... ( did I mention many?) occasions that he thinks I am entirely too hard on my Kids.

 The thought I had is that were are both right.

( Gasp!)

Can that possibly be true???

Yes, it is and if you will continue to read I will explain!

Now, I can honestly admit that I have learned over the years, that there has been some element of truth in what my Husband Steve has said about my being too hard on my kids...
 I have realized that I have been a tad bit "Tiger-Mom-ish" in my approach to raising my kids. But, also  another thing I have begun to realize is that its not totally wrong either!

I had this realization recently, when I was explaining to my 16 year old the reason why it may seem like she has one standard that she seems to be held accountable to from me, & one standard that her Step- Brother and Sister seem to held accountable to, & why it is not a matter of fair or not fair.

It all boils down to whether or not she wants her life to be Over-easy? or Hard-boiled?

My parenting style is all about wanting my daughter to learn in her time with me ,is to learn from her mistakes now, when all the worst consequence she will face, will be getting privileges taken away, me being mad at her, or anything else that may happen as a result of her irresponsibility.  That is my main goal..

My Husband's style is he has spent a lot of time over the years showing his kids what he expects of them, sharing the values he has, & teaching them right from wrong. Its their choice however, now that they are teenagers, what they will do. If they don't do whats expected of them, he does't get bent out of shape because of it. He knows that eventually they will learn one way or the other. The easy way, or the hard way.

Which brings me to my point.

It occurred to me, that my way... the way that seems like the hard way, is actually the easier way. The way that you can choose to learn when you have less life affecting consequences while you are still at home. ( The Over-Easy way)

 Or  you can do what you want regardless of what's expected of you, the way that seems really easy, but is actually the hard way and eventually, when you get out on your own, you will find that if you want to be successful in life, that the things that you're parent tried to teach you when you were at home,all those things that didn't seem all that important to do or follow, were actually very important, and in the adult world, the consequences can range from very small or they can be very devastating depending on what it is. ( The Hard-boiled way)

Which brings me back to my original question...

Would you like your Life over-easy? or hard-boiled?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Writing: One Mom’s journey in discovering herself as a Writer( My first Essay from my English Class!)

For me, writing has always been a struggle; it was a long process that I dreaded mainly because I simply couldn’t think of what to say. I have ADHD, and because of not knowing a whole lot about ADHD and how it affects a person, it makes it very hard to come up with your own ideas, because, in people that have ADHD, the synapses in the brain that transport information from one neurotransmitter to another, are not quite as quick, or in as much abundance as it would be in non-ADD people. Therefore, when I was growing up and going to school, it really was never addressed properly, causing all kinds of frustration in my life.

 Since I have begun to deal with it, it has been simply life changing. Areas in my life such as writing that I have always struggled with have developed in ways I could have never imagined before.

Being a Parent of a child that has learning disabilities, I started to see similarities in what is going on with my daughter, in struggles that I have had growing up. All the way through elementary school with my daughter, attending parent teacher conferences, & case conferences with Special Education Teachers, I started to see that there was indeed a connection in what was going on with my daughter, & my own struggles in school.

 For a time I would ignore it, thinking “Oh, I’m not that bad, I don’t have these issues.” But, then, there was always this huge barrier between me & the things I wanted in life. Finally, I realized that there were things going on that I wasn’t willing or wanting to deal with, and  that was at least part of the reason why I wasn’t successful in the things I wanted to do  with my life.

I started doing some research on Adult ADHD, including taking the online test to see if I my suspicions were correct, even though I already knew they were! The more I read about it, I was stunned about how much it was like I was reading a story about me and the issues discussed in them were things I have struggled with all my life! I can’t even begin to describe how finding out about this made me feel!

When I started taking medication for my ADHD, I could notice a huge difference within a couple weeks! The only way I can describe it, is to compare it to a person that has really bad eyesight getting a pair of prescription glasses and being able to see things clearly for the first time! Or, being in a really foggy area, not being able to see thru the fog, and then suddenly, the fog clears! Right away, I started catching on to coworkers & other people’s non- verbal social cues, something which I never caught before. It’s amazing to me how that one thing alone helped so much with interpersonal relationships! 

The more I started reading and learning about it, the more connections were built in my brain, an awesome thing started to happen; I actually had the desire to write! In 2008 I started my own blog; I called it “Bonnie’s Random Thoughts”, with the subtitle “Bonnie’s Random thoughts about Life, The Universe, and Everything!” It’s a place where I can express my ideas about whatever strikes my fancy! I don’t update it as much as I probably should, but, designing it, redesigning it, & occasionally posting to it, has become a hobby I truly enjoy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

First day of School!

I'm so Excited!

 Today was my first day at Ivy Tech!

 Another step in doing what God has Called me to do!

My first class is Introduction to College Writing  @ 8 am ( I have no clue of what I was thinking scheduling a class that early!)

I am especially excited about this class because I am looking forward to it improving my writing skills!

Which will improve my content, which ( I'm hoping here) will improve the frequency that I blog! ( no Guarantees on that one though!)

I am hoping to share some of my papers on here, again, hoping it will fuel my desire to blog more frequently!!

The one class I am just wanting to get threw is my algebra class! I Despise Algebra!! UGH! but, its required!

So, that is the one class that I would definatly covet your Prayers!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Still Don't Believe??

Are you one of those that STILL trying to make excuses for The Denver Broncos success??
 ( Specifically, Concerning Tim Tebow??) 

He's not a Tom Brady... 

He isn't a Rothlisburger...

His Defense is the one doing all the work... ( The Defensive Line DOES keep them in the game, but, please...)

He's more like a Vince Young... ( WHAT the HECK??? *SMH* I totally dont know what is up with that comment!) 

Let me Clue you in....

Its a little something called LEADERSHIP

Wikipedia Defines Leadership as: 

Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task".[1] 

Another Definition of Leadership : ( via Leadersdirect.com)

Leadership = promoting new directions by example or advocating by a better way. It works through influence, not by making decisions for people. 

Its NOT  about being the BEST athlete.. ( which by the way is improving He has thrown 4 1,290 yds, has 11 TD only 2 Int's With a QB rating of 83.9 in the last 8 Starts! but I digress)


I don't Seem to Recall this happening with Kyle Orton at the Helm. 

With The ENTIRE Team's Effort, Tim Tebow as Quarterback of the Denver Broncos has managed to do what John Elway couldn't on his own( I gasp typing this being an OLD SCHOOL Broncos fan)

 What John Fox couldn't do on his own, what Brian Xanders, Joe Ellis, or Pat Bowlen couldn't do on their own! 

But, with His  "leadership skills" has managed to pull together what was in such disarray from the disaster that was left behind from Josh Mc Daniels. 

As a Lifelong Denver Broncos Fan, I couldn't be happier!!

So, go ahead and continue to think up excuses & reasons for the Denver Broncos Success. 

You'll realize your Foolishness sooner or later!