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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cultivating patience

Yesterday I was feeling kinda grouchy, touchy, & all around impatient! It was one of those days; that every little thing that anyone did just rubbed me the wrong way! My Daughter dragging her feet doing her chores... People driving way below the speed limit for no apparent reason on my way to work ( even though I had plenty of time to get there) all seemed to light my fire of impatience & cause frustration to well WAY up inside of me to the point I was going to explode in a very ugly way on the next unsuspecting, possibly innocent individual. It wasn't until I got to work at my second job,( at a Family Christian stores) where I was doing my best to deal with a couple of ladies who came in & asked for a certain book, only to let themselves be side tracked by someone else when I started to show them where it was.

Ok, I thought & went back to what I was doing, only to have the same ladies came back several minutes later & interrupt me in the middle of helping another customer "Excuse, me" she said as she leaned over the counter getting right in my face as she said it. " "Can you show me where that book is now?" I told her I would be right with her as soon as I am done with the lady I am presently helping" So finding that mildly annoying, I finished up with the customer I was helping & helped them.

Now, they wanted to know if we had another book ( we didn't) & they couldn't find the books they originally asked about.

I showed them where they were bitting many holes in my tongue, smiling & being polite to them. Before leaving one of them asked me if I could find a book for them, but, they couldn't remember the name of the book or author. I politely told them that I was not able to look up a book if they didn't know at least the author or the title. The lady said can't you look up the book from members card? I reassured her that the card didn't work that way., & if she didn't know at least the title or author I couldn't help them. The other lady said " well, do you know if another bookstore would carry those books??" I told her that Barnes & Noble might. They thanked me for all my help & left. Right after that I felt that little whisper from the Holy Spirit about how God uses those kind of experiences to cultivate patience in us.

I giggled when I realized the truth of that thought. So now, whenever I am in a situation like that, or any other one that I am tempted to become impatient or frustrated I just have to remind myself that this is just a situation that God is using to cultivate patience within me!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011



They make you want to pull your hair out sometimes!

Ok, a lot of the time!!

I love my kids with all my heart; but, I really struggle with them in the area of letting them suffer the consequences of their own actions! Especially when it's something that I know that they know about that they have been told to do .. Ask to do... nagged about, gotten privileges taken away over... & over, & over..... Especially, when I know that those consequences are huge! don't they know that it's much easier to be a quick learner? But, then again, I think that this more of a Lesson of learning to treat my kids the way God treats us.


I guess if it means that I have to listen to very off key singing for things to be accomplished, it's worth it! Because the alternative isn't so pretty at all!

And that my friends; is the thing I think God is trying to teach me!

I just wish is wasn't such a painful lesson!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting the Hang of this!!

I Cant believe I am so late to the Posterous Party!!! LOL 


( I always have been sort of a Late Bloomer Anyway!!)



Well, I am starting School in Jan of 2012! ( Human Services Major!!)


Its cool because it's another piece of the puzzle of my purpose that God has for me!! 


I'm SOOO Excited!!!!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ok.. in an Effort to jump start my Blogging again... I am going to pick some things that I have found lately. These things are Sites, Apps, and other things that seemed cool at the time, but, are just not holding my Interest now, for one reason or the other....

First on the list! Google +

I did wait when this first came out... I didn't jump at first offer of something new and cool. I waited... a couple weeks at least, not wanting to be a part of the craze of being first on it; like Google voice. I finally got an invite and was really jazzed about it at first. Sure, I couldn't figure what all the Hype was about... not alot of my friends were on it, but, There was sparks! ( a feature you could have articles fed to your page that interest you,) & hangouts, ( places you could have webcam chat with your friends) That I thought were pretty cool! But, as time went by, my Interest waned. Then Google + implemented Games; one of which included angry birds. I thought "Cool, That's something that will hold my Interest a little bit more." But, when I went to go try it, i could not find a link on my Page. I do see that there is an option there now.. so maybe I will try it. But, overall... I am Less than Impressed with it!

What do you think??