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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Artisteer - web design software and joomla template maker

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Here Is a New Favorite of Mine!!

This is a web design software application that will make any  template for your Website or Blog. Its so cool and very easy to use. I made the Template design for My Blog here! Sweet huh? It IS a little pricy... but, not anymore than photoshop, or any other design software, so, it more than pays for itself IMO( or you can have a Spouse that bought it, Like me.lol)
Check it out!

Artisteer - web design software and joomla template maker
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have come to realize one thing....

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I have come to realize one thing.......

I really Stink when it comes to Blogging about a Series....

Twice now I have Started Blogging about a Book that was in a Series of weeks..

Twice now I have gotten Busy.... Lost the desire to blog about the Book I was blogging about,ETC...

Such an ADD thing....

So, In an effort to not feel like Such a Failure as a Blogger, I have decided to Stick to what works for me.

My Random Thought Posts.

Heck I figure, as long as I am going to have the title, I might as well stick with it!

I did SO much better when I did things that way.....
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