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Monday, January 9, 2012

First day of School!

I'm so Excited!

 Today was my first day at Ivy Tech!

 Another step in doing what God has Called me to do!

My first class is Introduction to College Writing  @ 8 am ( I have no clue of what I was thinking scheduling a class that early!)

I am especially excited about this class because I am looking forward to it improving my writing skills!

Which will improve my content, which ( I'm hoping here) will improve the frequency that I blog! ( no Guarantees on that one though!)

I am hoping to share some of my papers on here, again, hoping it will fuel my desire to blog more frequently!!

The one class I am just wanting to get threw is my algebra class! I Despise Algebra!! UGH! but, its required!

So, that is the one class that I would definatly covet your Prayers!!