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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Love Dare Day 1

Ok, I am Starting this off with a Disclaimer. I will NOT be Blogging Personal Intimate Details of my Marriage during this Series. My Goal of taking this is Learning to Love my Husband Better, ( and to deal with ALL of my relationships in a better way) and not doing things that Bring dishonor to him, by, Sharing Stuff that shouldn't on here. What i WILL be Blogging about is the Chapter i am on and how its affecting me and how I relate to it:)

Ok? 'Nuff said!
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Chapter 1

Love Is Patient

WOW! Chapter 1 Would Be the One thing i have always Struggled with the Most.
I Can Be a Very Impatient Person! My Husband Calls me " Patience" Because i can be SO Impatient! I am One that Will quickly Retaliate when my Husband offends me More often than i really would like to admit! This is something i want to Change! This is Probably the MAIN reason for me to take this LOVE Dare, Because i have Seen this Lack of patience wreck Havoc in More than Just my Marriage.
I believe that this One thing Is the Key to a Whole Slew of Issues! Wow, No wonder they have this First! I am really Looking forward to seeing the Tone it Sets in my Household.
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  1. Aww, im mad at my boyfriend and hes mad at me...... This makes me wonder if hes still worth it..