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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Love Dare Day 1

OK! WOW! This Love Dare is Some Seriously DEEP,DEEP! Stuff...Because of that I will be taking my Time on this Study! WHOA! Talk about Diging down WAY Deep into your Soul and Digging out the Bad! WOW! I read day one over to my Husband... and i felt like i was being Sucker-punched, Because EVERYTHING i was reading, was the Heart of Issues, that we have have being circling around between him and i for the last almost 5 yrs, and it made me REALIZE what he has been trying to say!! Not to say that HE doesnt have his own issues, He does, and he stated that, but, WHOA the further i read that... the more i REALIZED that he has told me this, time aftertime, after time! I have also stated that this Blog and Study isnt about whats wrong with him, and what i can make him change, or Pester him to death about, This is ALL about me!!! and realizing what I need to Change! This is some SERIOUS Heart Surgery Of the GOD kind!

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  1. The lord works in mysterious ways!!!!