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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Love Dare Day 2

Ok! I am Moving on to Day 2! YAY! Its Been a Little bit, But, I am Not on anyone's Time Schedule But, God's, So its all good!

Day 2 is Love is Kind.

In the Book they Break Down Kindness in to 4 Basic Core Ingredients:

1.Gentleness: Gentleness is Kindness when your Careful about How you Treat your Spouse or kids in how you Speak to them, not being too Harsh or critical, Gentleness Wants to Be Kind in Addressing them. Even when there is something that Needs to be Addressed Gentleness Bends over Backwards to Make the Issue as Easy to be heard as Possible.

2. Helpfulness: Helpfulness is Kind when you Meet the Needs of the Moment. Doing things that need to be done, because they need to be done, Not for any reward that you may receive, even to the Point of Putting off your own needs for the Moment if you have to.

3.Willingness: Willingness is kind when you are agreeable, when you look for ways to Compromise and Accommodate someone Else's Needs, Instead of Demanding your own way.

4.Initiative: This is Kindness when you are Proactive about Someone else's happiness By looking for Ways to be Kind in advance, and then taking the Steps to make that happen, you dont wait til that person Deserves it,you Do it now:)

Its really hard to Do these things when you Feel your Spouse Doesnt Deserve it, But, Love is a Choice, Not a Feeling and Marriaige is Daily Choices of How you want your Marraige to be, and Love is Showing Kindness when their doesnt Seem to Be anything You get from it.

My Day 2 dare:

This day You are suppose to Keep doing the Day 1 Dare Plus, doing at least one Unexpected Kind act for your Spouse

I am Happy to Report that this is Something that Works Very well:)

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