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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Inescapable Cravings of Your Heart | Spiritual Fuel ( or how God has plans for our day when we have other plans)

The Inescapable Cravings of Your Heart | Spiritual Fuel

 Whoa! I just had to share this devotional I subscribe to with everyone. I hope it speaks to you the way it did me!

I was fully planning on Job Searching today....

But, as i was checking  my email, I kept getting Facebook Messages concerning meetings & Information regarding  The Warehouse, my church's Youth ministry.

I really love serving as a youth leader for the Warehouse,but, because of some stuff I felt i needed to get worked out here my own family, I have taken a break from serving there temporarily.

As I am reading the messages, I am Feeling such a strong desire, a burden, longing to be involved in ministering to the Youth, but , at the same time a heaviness, because I know that i am suppose to be taking a break to deal with things here at home.

I have felt that I need to continue to deal with things but, I felt the need to be involved in some training comming up, as well as  a festival coming up. With my Kids permission of course. ;)  ( Thanks my wonderful friends that love me enough to hold me accountable! )

Then, I read this devotional.

It really encouraged me that even though I was not involved with the Youth right now, that the desire for it was not going to go away, and that by putting MY kids first, it was honoring him more than if i just did what I wanted to do anyway.


This the word that is coming to mind as I write this post.

(this is my Desire)

Also, a Scripture Verse comes to mind.

James 4:10  (NLT)

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.

(This is my Challenge)

I am ready willing & able to meet it! 

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's Pause for a Moment of Silence....

A Moment of Silence for Fort HoodImage by The U.S. Army via Flickr
Ok... Yep... I haven't Posted in a couple weeks......have I?

That's Because my Laptop decided to go to Laptop Heaven.....


So, Let's Bow our Heads for a moment of silence for my Laptop....

Ok... Seriously, It did croak.. and it was MUCH more convient to blog from that ... than a Desktop.. but i have decided to Suck it up and do it anyway...  at least I have that! (Thank you Techie Husband!!)

But, That's why there haven't been any posts in the last week and a half or so... Just in case you were Wondering;) Dont worry, Im probably going to make up for it by doing bonus posts, because there are 2 things in particular I have Random Thoughts about!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lessons In Workplace Communication- Bonnie Style

Tallahassee, FL, May 16, 2009 -- FEMA Hazard M...Image via Wikipedia
In my Journey of Self-Discovery have finally realized some of the things that have caused me issues with People I have worked with over the years.  It's when a supervisor  comes to you and tells you about something that they  ( or their speaking for another supervisor) are getting really frustrated because you and others are not taking care of things that they consider Important tasks that need to be finished before leaving for the day, but, its not communicated until its a big source of frustration?

How many of us have been in that situation?

Its frustrating for sure!

I cant speak for everyone, but, Im the kind of person that likes to know my boundaries of what I am suppose to do, & what I really shouldn't do, so that I can operate in the area in between and function at my very best.

If i don't know that something is suppose to be a necessity, or a priority, and I am not told directly& clearly, it wont be. Its a simple as that. I dont know if That is a quirk with me that is a result of the way my Brain functions( an ADD thing) or not, But, I find that I tend to miss subtle hits if there given. The Only way I am going to understand what you want from me is to be told clearly and directly. If I get that, Life is good and we will get along Just fine. if I dont, its not so great. I used to think that it was all me before, but, now I am understanding that its not all Just me, but, Lack of communication on the other end.

Basically , we all need to learn to communicate more effectively,( myself included!! Oh Boy do I ever!)

But, Here's an Exerpt from an article about asking for what you need :

Improving Communication Skills: Ask for What You Need

Improving Communication Skills: Ask for What You Need
by Laurie Wilhelm
Just ask. It’s as simple as that.
The problem is that we make it difficult to ask for a variety of reasons. Some are that we don’t want to:


  • be an inconvenience
  • impose
  • admit we need assistance
  • draw attention to ourselves
  • seem weak, inadequate or not good enough
  • afraid of rejection
  • appear unable to do it on our own
Or we’re just too proud.
Many successful people ask for what they need because they know that if they don’t ask, they might not succeed. In other words, they succeed because they ask.
Here are a few effective communication skills tips on how to ask for what you want:
Be clear and specific
Don’t let the someone try to guess what it is that you need. Tell them specifically what you need from them and they’ll tell you if they can do it.
(via Express yourself to success. com)

 After all, isnt that what we all want? Is to be understood and be effective in our workplaces? I know i do!
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Ok Bronco Fans!! Were Not Chicken Littles!

Invesco field at Mile High, home of Denver Bro...Image via Wikipedia
Official Site of the Denver Broncos

Ok Bronco Fans! Were Not Chicken Little. The sky is Not falling, Even though it seems like it with Buckhalter, Moreno, Dumervil, and Moss all injured &Training Camp isnt Even finnished yet!( Can you tell that I am giving myself a pep talk here?)   

As Much as it feels like it, the Sky is NOT falling but,*Whew* It Sure has Been a rocky Training Camp so far!! No Pun intended!

But, lets put things in Perspective shall we?

We are Bronco fans! We have silently( & not so silently) Suffered thru MUCH worse!(Something about watching our beloved team endure the Humiliation of losing 5 Superbowl's springs to mind) and Yes it was AMAZING when they won 2 Back to Back, but, Lets get real here! This Team is FAR from Done!

For Goodness Sake! The Season hasn't even Started yet!

Here's a Quote From coach Mc D in an Article that I have Linked to linked to this Blog Post Via Denver Broncos. com:

"ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Less than a week into training camp, a rash of injuries could have the Broncos bemoaning their poor luck.
News that Elvis Dumervil's pectoral injury will sideline the NFL's reigning sack leader for an undetermined period of time levied the latest blow to the Broncos' health.
But Head Coach Josh McDaniels stood behind a podium in the Dove Valley interview room this afternoon and made his point clear: There's still a lot of football season left.
"We’re not going to sit here and feel sorry for us," McDaniels said in the pre-practice media session. "We’re going to get ready to play and we’ve got a good football team in that locker room.”

I Believe in this Team & Coach Until I have a reason not to & I Refuse to get all negative and act like chicken little when the Season hasn't even begun yet!

Who's With me??

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

USA Network -Homepage-Television Shows, Series, Movies, Sports and Characters

The third logo of USA Network. It was updated ...Image via Wikipedia 

USA Network-Television Shows, Series, Movies, Sports and Characters

In keeping with my Favorites, I decided to Blog about this Channel. This Channel has A LOT of my favorite shows!

Let's see, White Collar
( See Below) This is a Great Show!!!

The next one on this station is PSYCH. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!
I have watched this from the Beginning & Since I have, I totally couldnt get into another show thats Similiar, Called The Mentalist. It was So different than Psych, It was Boring to me!
Here is a Good Video explanation of what its All about!
(Thanks to Isisgirl2 on you tube)

Here's a Clip of the Actual show... Funny stuff!

and the Last one I am Blogging about its a New Favorite! Covert Affairs!

These are Just some of my Favorite Shows on USA! I hope you enjoy them is much as I do!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cross & Dagger 2010

Via Lifebridge.cc
This Is what I did at Church This Sunday!

Every Year Since 2008 My Church has done an Outreach  on the first Sunday in August.

Its called Cross N Dagger Sunday. Its a Sunday were Bikers, & other People that wouldn't otherwise Set for in a Church Building are invited and encouraged to come on this day and Bring their Motorcycles, We have a Service with a Person that Does a form of Entertainment,& they allways tie it into the Gospel, & our Church Body gets the Chance to Love on them!

As a Result we have ALOT of People In our Church that are Accepting Christ, & having their Lives Changed for the Better.

I LOVE this about my Pastor and my Church! They are not afraid to open up their arms to people that not everyone would accept & I am Extremely Proud to call myself a Member of Lifebridge Church!!!

This Year we had a Guy that was a Sword- swallower, it was really hard to watch, But, at the end he very nicely Related it into Well, God is Just as real as Me swallowing this Sword, and God has an even Bigger One! Its called the Bible. Then is when he gave the Invitation to accept Christ! It was AWESOME! 

Every year after the Services we have a Motorcycle/Car show for all the Bikers that includes Contest for Bikes and the Car's, We have Lunch! ( this year we had a Hog Roast) We have a Rock Band that Plays Rock, there are games and rides, and stuff for kids.  we just hang out and have an Awesome time, get to know some new people.

Here Is Some Pictures I took With my Phone:

Dan Meyer ( Sorry about the quality)
another one of Dan Meyer that's a little Better!

Dan Sharing his Message
Dan Sharing the Most Powerful Sword
Childrens Ministry Tent
Some of the Rides/slides that were there for kids( they were free!!)
 Motorcycles On Display!! :)

   This is Always such an Awesome Time!! Lots of Fun!