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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

USA Network -Homepage-Television Shows, Series, Movies, Sports and Characters

The third logo of USA Network. It was updated ...Image via Wikipedia 

USA Network-Television Shows, Series, Movies, Sports and Characters

In keeping with my Favorites, I decided to Blog about this Channel. This Channel has A LOT of my favorite shows!

Let's see, White Collar
( See Below) This is a Great Show!!!

The next one on this station is PSYCH. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!
I have watched this from the Beginning & Since I have, I totally couldnt get into another show thats Similiar, Called The Mentalist. It was So different than Psych, It was Boring to me!
Here is a Good Video explanation of what its All about!
(Thanks to Isisgirl2 on you tube)

Here's a Clip of the Actual show... Funny stuff!

and the Last one I am Blogging about its a New Favorite! Covert Affairs!

These are Just some of my Favorite Shows on USA! I hope you enjoy them is much as I do!

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