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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Inescapable Cravings of Your Heart | Spiritual Fuel ( or how God has plans for our day when we have other plans)

The Inescapable Cravings of Your Heart | Spiritual Fuel

 Whoa! I just had to share this devotional I subscribe to with everyone. I hope it speaks to you the way it did me!

I was fully planning on Job Searching today....

But, as i was checking  my email, I kept getting Facebook Messages concerning meetings & Information regarding  The Warehouse, my church's Youth ministry.

I really love serving as a youth leader for the Warehouse,but, because of some stuff I felt i needed to get worked out here my own family, I have taken a break from serving there temporarily.

As I am reading the messages, I am Feeling such a strong desire, a burden, longing to be involved in ministering to the Youth, but , at the same time a heaviness, because I know that i am suppose to be taking a break to deal with things here at home.

I have felt that I need to continue to deal with things but, I felt the need to be involved in some training comming up, as well as  a festival coming up. With my Kids permission of course. ;)  ( Thanks my wonderful friends that love me enough to hold me accountable! )

Then, I read this devotional.

It really encouraged me that even though I was not involved with the Youth right now, that the desire for it was not going to go away, and that by putting MY kids first, it was honoring him more than if i just did what I wanted to do anyway.


This the word that is coming to mind as I write this post.

(this is my Desire)

Also, a Scripture Verse comes to mind.

James 4:10  (NLT)

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.

(This is my Challenge)

I am ready willing & able to meet it! 

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