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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cross & Dagger 2010

Via Lifebridge.cc
This Is what I did at Church This Sunday!

Every Year Since 2008 My Church has done an Outreach  on the first Sunday in August.

Its called Cross N Dagger Sunday. Its a Sunday were Bikers, & other People that wouldn't otherwise Set for in a Church Building are invited and encouraged to come on this day and Bring their Motorcycles, We have a Service with a Person that Does a form of Entertainment,& they allways tie it into the Gospel, & our Church Body gets the Chance to Love on them!

As a Result we have ALOT of People In our Church that are Accepting Christ, & having their Lives Changed for the Better.

I LOVE this about my Pastor and my Church! They are not afraid to open up their arms to people that not everyone would accept & I am Extremely Proud to call myself a Member of Lifebridge Church!!!

This Year we had a Guy that was a Sword- swallower, it was really hard to watch, But, at the end he very nicely Related it into Well, God is Just as real as Me swallowing this Sword, and God has an even Bigger One! Its called the Bible. Then is when he gave the Invitation to accept Christ! It was AWESOME! 

Every year after the Services we have a Motorcycle/Car show for all the Bikers that includes Contest for Bikes and the Car's, We have Lunch! ( this year we had a Hog Roast) We have a Rock Band that Plays Rock, there are games and rides, and stuff for kids.  we just hang out and have an Awesome time, get to know some new people.

Here Is Some Pictures I took With my Phone:

Dan Meyer ( Sorry about the quality)
another one of Dan Meyer that's a little Better!

Dan Sharing his Message
Dan Sharing the Most Powerful Sword
Childrens Ministry Tent
Some of the Rides/slides that were there for kids( they were free!!)
 Motorcycles On Display!! :)

   This is Always such an Awesome Time!! Lots of Fun!

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