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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lessons In Workplace Communication- Bonnie Style

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In my Journey of Self-Discovery have finally realized some of the things that have caused me issues with People I have worked with over the years.  It's when a supervisor  comes to you and tells you about something that they  ( or their speaking for another supervisor) are getting really frustrated because you and others are not taking care of things that they consider Important tasks that need to be finished before leaving for the day, but, its not communicated until its a big source of frustration?

How many of us have been in that situation?

Its frustrating for sure!

I cant speak for everyone, but, Im the kind of person that likes to know my boundaries of what I am suppose to do, & what I really shouldn't do, so that I can operate in the area in between and function at my very best.

If i don't know that something is suppose to be a necessity, or a priority, and I am not told directly& clearly, it wont be. Its a simple as that. I dont know if That is a quirk with me that is a result of the way my Brain functions( an ADD thing) or not, But, I find that I tend to miss subtle hits if there given. The Only way I am going to understand what you want from me is to be told clearly and directly. If I get that, Life is good and we will get along Just fine. if I dont, its not so great. I used to think that it was all me before, but, now I am understanding that its not all Just me, but, Lack of communication on the other end.

Basically , we all need to learn to communicate more effectively,( myself included!! Oh Boy do I ever!)

But, Here's an Exerpt from an article about asking for what you need :

Improving Communication Skills: Ask for What You Need

Improving Communication Skills: Ask for What You Need
by Laurie Wilhelm
Just ask. It’s as simple as that.
The problem is that we make it difficult to ask for a variety of reasons. Some are that we don’t want to:


  • be an inconvenience
  • impose
  • admit we need assistance
  • draw attention to ourselves
  • seem weak, inadequate or not good enough
  • afraid of rejection
  • appear unable to do it on our own
Or we’re just too proud.
Many successful people ask for what they need because they know that if they don’t ask, they might not succeed. In other words, they succeed because they ask.
Here are a few effective communication skills tips on how to ask for what you want:
Be clear and specific
Don’t let the someone try to guess what it is that you need. Tell them specifically what you need from them and they’ll tell you if they can do it.
(via Express yourself to success. com)

 After all, isnt that what we all want? Is to be understood and be effective in our workplaces? I know i do!
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