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Friday, August 6, 2010

Ok Bronco Fans!! Were Not Chicken Littles!

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Ok Bronco Fans! Were Not Chicken Little. The sky is Not falling, Even though it seems like it with Buckhalter, Moreno, Dumervil, and Moss all injured &Training Camp isnt Even finnished yet!( Can you tell that I am giving myself a pep talk here?)   

As Much as it feels like it, the Sky is NOT falling but,*Whew* It Sure has Been a rocky Training Camp so far!! No Pun intended!

But, lets put things in Perspective shall we?

We are Bronco fans! We have silently( & not so silently) Suffered thru MUCH worse!(Something about watching our beloved team endure the Humiliation of losing 5 Superbowl's springs to mind) and Yes it was AMAZING when they won 2 Back to Back, but, Lets get real here! This Team is FAR from Done!

For Goodness Sake! The Season hasn't even Started yet!

Here's a Quote From coach Mc D in an Article that I have Linked to linked to this Blog Post Via Denver Broncos. com:

"ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Less than a week into training camp, a rash of injuries could have the Broncos bemoaning their poor luck.
News that Elvis Dumervil's pectoral injury will sideline the NFL's reigning sack leader for an undetermined period of time levied the latest blow to the Broncos' health.
But Head Coach Josh McDaniels stood behind a podium in the Dove Valley interview room this afternoon and made his point clear: There's still a lot of football season left.
"We’re not going to sit here and feel sorry for us," McDaniels said in the pre-practice media session. "We’re going to get ready to play and we’ve got a good football team in that locker room.”

I Believe in this Team & Coach Until I have a reason not to & I Refuse to get all negative and act like chicken little when the Season hasn't even begun yet!

Who's With me??

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