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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 3 Love is not Selfish

OK, This is Something Everyone of us have Dealt with either now or in the past, Being Selfish.

Being Selfish is the Opposite of Love because Love does not Seek to Put itself First, but Love Puts its Needs After the Object of their Affection. We ALL at one Point are Guilty of the Self-seeking behavior of Selfishness. It is Something we Tolerate in ourselves but Cant STAND in others.

When the Husband in a marriage Puts his Wants and Needs Above that of His Wife's.. That is a Sign of Selfishness, When a Wife Constantly Complains about the things She does meeting the Needs of her Husband, That's Selfishness (Ouch! that one is a little too close to home for me!)

True Love Seeks out to meet the Needs of the Other Person in their marriage. You come to a Place where your either meeting the Needs of your Spouse out of love for yourself( what can be done for you) Or out of Love for Others( doing it Because you know that it will meet their Needs and make them Happy.)

This Leads to having Much more fulfillment in your Marriage, and any other relationship for that matter. The Questions we Need to Ask ourselves( Meaning me! and anyone else!) when we are trying to See for ourselves weather our Motives are Selfish- or Out of Love are:

1.Do i Truly want wants Best for my Spouse?
2.Do i want them to Feel Loved by me?
3.Do they feel i have their Best interests in mind?
4 Or Do they See me as looking out for Number one First?

weather we want to admit it or not, we Do have a Reputation with our Spouses, its Up to Us weather or not is a Good one or a negative one.

I have Done this and when i have Put my Husbands Needs over my own, He feels Much more loved and Respected.

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  1. Good thoughts, Bonnie! I didn't know you blogged! I added you to my Reader!

  2. Thank you!

    Yeah! I just started Blogging Last December :)

  3. I'm not selfish I'm perfect...nah just kidding. Yes I have be guilty of being selfish, but I try hard not to be. My problem is is that I constantly find myself around selfish people...the kind of people that are "Me" (its all about me syndrome) driven. Sometimes I wonder about my own character and question myself am I too like those I'm constantly around??????

    Oh yeah...love what you have done with the blog...it looks great!!!!