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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Love Dare Day 4: Love is Thoughtful

Love Is Thoughtful.

Love Thinks about Being Thoughtful...

When Couples First Start Out, it is all they can do to do things that are thoughtful for Each other.
But, As Time Goes by, Life gets in the way..( Kids, Bills,Other Life Pressures) and Alot of the time, those that were so, in love Before,Get comfortable with the other Person and Start to take the Relationship for Granted.

Marriage Adds another Person to the Picture of your Life and If your thinking doesnt Include the Other Person You can Find yourself Missing Opportunitys to Show Love, and the Other Person will See this as Being Thoughtless and Self Centered.

Men and Women Think and Comunicate Differently. Men tend to Say exactly what they Mean and Communicate Directly. Where on the other hand Women tend to think and Speak Between the Lines, Kinda Hinting around at things. If A couple Doesnt understand this about the other, it can Lead to Lots of Fallout in the Marraige and endless Disagreements.

He thinks shes Playing Mind Games, and Gets Frustrated with this perception, wondering Why cant She Just say what she wants and Quit trying to expect Him to read Her Mind. She Wonders why He's Being So Inconsiderate, and Just wants him to put the Pieces together and "get it".

Most of the time this Ends in Frustration and "Shooting First and Asking questions later" and an argument, When this can be resolved by understanding and Not giving in to Speaking harshly.
A husband should take the time to " read between the Lines" of what his Wife is saying, and wives need to State Exactly what it is they want, and not say one thing when they mean another.

Love Requires Thoughtfulness on Both Sides of the Relationship for it to Thrive.

If both Sides Understands this and Works to Meet in the Middle Putting Each other First,The Relationship is all the Better for it. Next Time I will strive to Spend a few minutes to think of how best to Understand and demonstrate Love to my Husband.

A Great Marraige Comes From Taking the Time To Show Thoughtfulness.

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