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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Servolution: the group blogging project

I Am So EXCITED to Let you all Know That Yours Truly Is going to Be a Part of this Group Blogging Project!! ( Yes, i am Still going to Continue the Love Dare) But, I really Felt Like this was Something I should do. Its TOTALLY out of my Comfort Zone!!

For the First time EVER Since i have Been Blogging, One of my Posts Will be On Another Blog. So, Please Pray That God is Glorified By what i Blog.*whew* I can Feel myself Being Stretched Already!!!

( and Yes, I am going to Post it on here as well...) But, you Can Click on the Link
(The book) to go to the Site That the Project is Being Hosted at! I encourage you to Do so... This Guys Blog ROCKS!


  1. just wanna say here what a great post you did on bibledude.net. someone commented about you having a contagious enthusiasm. i TOTALLY agree.

    great job!