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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ok.. in an Effort to jump start my Blogging again... I am going to pick some things that I have found lately. These things are Sites, Apps, and other things that seemed cool at the time, but, are just not holding my Interest now, for one reason or the other....

First on the list! Google +

I did wait when this first came out... I didn't jump at first offer of something new and cool. I waited... a couple weeks at least, not wanting to be a part of the craze of being first on it; like Google voice. I finally got an invite and was really jazzed about it at first. Sure, I couldn't figure what all the Hype was about... not alot of my friends were on it, but, There was sparks! ( a feature you could have articles fed to your page that interest you,) & hangouts, ( places you could have webcam chat with your friends) That I thought were pretty cool! But, as time went by, my Interest waned. Then Google + implemented Games; one of which included angry birds. I thought "Cool, That's something that will hold my Interest a little bit more." But, when I went to go try it, i could not find a link on my Page. I do see that there is an option there now.. so maybe I will try it. But, overall... I am Less than Impressed with it!

What do you think??


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