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Tuesday, August 30, 2011



They make you want to pull your hair out sometimes!

Ok, a lot of the time!!

I love my kids with all my heart; but, I really struggle with them in the area of letting them suffer the consequences of their own actions! Especially when it's something that I know that they know about that they have been told to do .. Ask to do... nagged about, gotten privileges taken away over... & over, & over..... Especially, when I know that those consequences are huge! don't they know that it's much easier to be a quick learner? But, then again, I think that this more of a Lesson of learning to treat my kids the way God treats us.


I guess if it means that I have to listen to very off key singing for things to be accomplished, it's worth it! Because the alternative isn't so pretty at all!

And that my friends; is the thing I think God is trying to teach me!

I just wish is wasn't such a painful lesson!

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