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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random thoughts about Tim Tebow


I dont think I have EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE Been SO PROUD of my QB, or to call myself a Broncos FAN!

I am So Proud of my Quarterback such an OUTSTANDING example of what it means to be a Christ Follower , a Player in the NFL. Such a bold stand for your Faith week after week, on that kind of Stage is something very commendable. For me it all boils down to this answer to Rich Eisen's Question:

 Rich Eisen:" It really is remarkable what all this has become, I know your Used to a certain level of fame from the college level,but what you have been able to accomplish in just 5 starts is truly amazing to people on the out side so, now I'd like to just lift the hood so to speak & see how your able to keep this all in perspective"

Tim: "It is very exciting & we're very excited about the wins we've been able to put together but, I think, in what you were elluding to earlier, just with the support I think, the greatest thing for me is we play a game out here & we're very passionate as you can see me playing out here today, & I love it & I care about it, but, the greatest thing about this sport, & the NFL is we have such a platform, & we can take that platform & we can influence the next generation, & honestly that is my Passion, this week we got to announce that I was building a hospital in the Philippines, and this game here means alot, but, that hospital means more to me, cause that's changing peoples lives, that's giving people faith, & hope & love and thats more important. So, my ultimate goal with this, with playing football, Is to be a great role model, that a parent can look at their son and say, that's someone whos trying to do it the right way, he's not perfect, but, every day he's trying to do a little bit better, & Honor God, do the right thing, do whats's right, & do his best".


An NFL Player that Understands & Uses his Influence in the NFL to Fulfill the Great Commission!
Amazing! even if I hadn't been a Denver Broncos Fan all of my Life, He would have my Utmost Respect!

Broncos, Tim Tebow rally to beat Vikings 35-32; now tied atop AFC West - The Denver Post:

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