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Monday, March 2, 2009

Listen Up Little Button Pushers!!

Listen UP Little Button Pushers!!

Yeah! You Know who you Are!

I am DONE! Letting you Push My BUTTONS! So, From Now on, I will ask for things to be Done,and I will Ignore the Subsequent Grumbling, Complaining, and General Nasty Comments That you Fling my Way( that you Prize as "voicing your Opinion") when you are Asked to do things that You think You shouldn't have to do.

I have More things that i have to focus on,other than Your Attempts at Helping the Enemy Undermine My Personal and Spiritual Growth. I have given you that Power by Falling into Your little Trap, that you Set Up for me with my Emotions, time and time again, So now i am NOT gonna Bite , and i am Going to Move on With what God Wants me to do.

I will Give you what you Want, and Let you Do things your way, and then,when You Reap the Benefits of the Freedom you have been given, and don't have any friends...( some of you are there already! BTW) Or Get Fired from Job after Job Because you Cant keep Your Mouth Shut...

I Don't want to Hear it!

It will be YOUR Problem Because I'm DONE! Done Trying to Explain myself on Why i do things.., Done Trying to Reason With you, To get you to understand the Difference Between Being Able to have an opinion with people in Authority and expressing it, and Being Argumentative,Rude, and Disrespectful. I am Taking Back the Authority I have Negated By Bringing myself Down to your Level.

So, Enjoy! I hope that works out for you later in life!


  1. Bonnie. This is funny. Makes sense. I have dear friends in Fort Wayne! Different church though. It's cold right. We got snow and that was fun today. Come visit and if you ever have prayer requests I have a new Virtual Prayer Chain - "Pray It Friday!" Hope you can join. God Bless.

  2. HI there! Thanks For Commenting! Yes it is Cold here, and Im glad that My post Made Sense to you. It Makes me feel Very Encouraged, Like @ least Someone is Hearing me!:) Other than God of Course:) and I would Be Delighted to Join your Prayer Chain Friday Thanks and God Bless!