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Friday, March 13, 2009

WinterJam With 4 Teens

I Am SOOO Excited! I am Taking my Kids to Winterjam Today! I am A HUGE Fan of Toby Mac, So,I dont know Who's More Excited, Me or Them! I will Be taking Pictures and Some Videos( i dont know if i will post those or not) and Give you the the Lowdown on how it was! I am Expecting an AWESOME time, Especially since We are Going Early to get good Seats!

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  1. Hi Bonnie, thanks for visiting my site, and yes I see we do have a bit in common! That's so great!!!

    I was the same way once; constantly changing my blog (especially my layout/background) until I finally donated (she took donations only as God led the person to give, which I thought was pretty darn cool!) to have someone make a custom design I liked. I got so tired of all those 'freebie' backgrounds and layouts. Though some are very, very nice and since they were free; it was even nicer! :D

    Nice to meet ya.

    Your friend,