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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yeah! So I know its Been a While Since i have Posted ON this Blog.....


So, I know its been a LONNNGGG Time Since i have Posted On my Blog....

But, You have to Understand that i have Been held Captive By The Lollypop Guild When they Found out that I let my Membership lapse......


Ok, Hows this? I Lost my Way to the This Blog in the Blogosphere... Made a Wrong turn at a Certain Blog and WOW! I have Spent All this time Trying to Find my Way back!

Hmm, that doesnt Work Either?

Ok, So Seriously, I have Gotten Carried away In the business Of life and Just havent taken the Time to Blog. So, My Applogies!!! I Actually Didnt think that there Was many People That Actually Read my Blog, Until I had a Twitter Friend Ask me why i havent Updated My Blog in a while, that and that Little Voice in the back of my Head that has been saying.. " you know, you havent Updated your Blog in a while..."

So! Here is the Promissed Pictures.. a few of them... WinterJam Was as Wonderful as I was Expecting!

There IS MUCH more, But this Post would be FOREVER LONG if I Posted them all! So, There ya go! I Promise to Try Not to have so Much time In Between My Posts From now on...

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  1. Glad u posted something...nice to see you had fun :)