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Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Resolutions, and Other things I dont Necessarlly Like to Do....

Hi There! Remember Me?? Yeah.... The Woman who hasn't Updated her Blog in....... oh..... I don't know..... 6 Mos??smilies

I DO have various and sundry reasons why i haven't updated. Including and not limited to being Extremely busy... the holidays.... the Dog ate my blog.... wait... scratch that last one.sign smileys

But, Seriously folks, There is one thing I really, and i mean REALLY don't like to do.

and that is Make New Years Resolutions!

You know like..... Im going to Lose weight this year.....

Im gonna Eat Healthier......fighting smileys

Im gonna Stop Smoking( something i do NOT do BTW.. its just an example!)

Im gonna work out more....rolleye smileys smilies

Stuff like that. I have found that whenever i have done this in the Past... I have, like alot of People im Sure, Done really well with it at first. Then as the months go by... it happends Less and less......

Until its .... I made that as a resolution?? .. or I cant believe i didnt stick to ANOTHER resolution!!!!

So, one day i resolved to not make New Years Resolutions anymore because that way i wouldnt have feel like a failure anymore Because i couldnt keep them, and it was wroking really well for me!

But, I have Decided something else....

I am gonna Break my No Resolutions Rule this year.

I am going to Resolve to do my Best to try and Post to this blog at least once a month, if not once a week.....
Because I truely do like doing it, and its a Great outlet!

So, there ya go!

Im so glad to be back!! so many times i would get a good idea for a Blog Post, and then get distracted by something else or busy somewhere else....

Im going do my Best to Stay on track and not do that anymore.


  1. I've been waiting since June 24 for you to post again, and I'm glad to see your resolution is to post more frequently.

    I doubt I'm the only one.

  2. Harl,

    Thank You! When I started this Blog it was Just For me, a Place where I could Be Transparent,and Post my Thoughts w/o concern about Who read, Or who was following me. But, Its Very Encouraging to Know that there Actually is People that are Intrested in what i have to say!! its Very Encouraging!!