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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here I am!!! I didnt get lost.. Only Busy... Didja Miss me?

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Ok... Yeah... I HAVE been kinda MIA from Blogging a while haven't I?

Well, Let See.... Where do I start....

I have a second part-time job now.. so.. there's ALOT  of it! YEAH!

I'm Super-Excited about it. Its at Family Christian Stores &They are Partnered with Worldvision  for Child Sponsorship! Those of you that have followed my blog long enough know that ( Missions ) is something I have felt a REAL Strong burden for, and I have known that this is something that is a part of my purpose, so this has GOD written all over it!

So..... also....

My NFL team.... Formerly known as The Denver*cough* Broncos*cough* ... They are not doing so hot....

as a matter of Fact.... They are sucking some MAJOR wind!!!

(This is what Happends when you  have Little Boys Play in the BIG Leagues!!!)

Yes, Coach Mc Nugget! This Means YOU!!!

So, to Spare myself further Pain... I am only gonna keep an Eye on the score of the Broncos for the rest of the season.

Something has SERIOUSLY got to be Done in Denver!!!
(Because, I'm sure Mr Mc Nugget is about to be Flambéed by the fans if it doesnt happen)

Problem is....
Pat's Between a Rock & a hard place...

Little boy Mc Nugget Still has one Year Left on his contract.. PLUS... He's Still Paying Shanny.

Not Good! Not good at all!

Well, At least it Gives me time to Blog!! I have an AWESOMEEE Book I am going to be Blogging about!!

It's Called Radical!! SWEET!

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