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Friday, February 4, 2011

Yes! I am Still around!!! Where the Heck have I been you ask??( Im Still gonna tell you even if you dont care! HA!)

I have been INSANELY BUSY!! Working 2 part time Jobs Thru  the Holidays is No Small Feat!! That Plus the Fact that my Laptop Died & there is something so much easier about wanting to Blog on a Laptop as opposed to a desktop computer.

But, Woohoo! I have a new Laptop... so YAY!


My Totally Awesome Pastor is Preaching a Series  that is TOTALLY up my alley!

( Yeah, he started it 2 and a half weeks ago... So what??)

Its from  Book called "The Hole in our Gospel"

Its Written by Richard Stearns ( who is the CEO of Worldvision BTW!! Cool Tie-in my Second Job huh??)

So, Starting tomorrow, I am going to be sharing my Thoughts on what I feel God is Speaking to me thru this series.

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, ( or just read all of my posts) You'll know that Is this a Area of Ministry that I have a very strong burden for!

I will be Including Links to this Book & The Study Guide I am using.. Plus the DVD that is the 6 week Quest that my Pastor is Basing his Sermons on after each post In case any of Ya'll Want it!!Search Amazon.com for the hole in our gospel by richard stearns

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