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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding the Hole in Me (session 2 from The Hole in our Gospel)

This Session is called Finding the hole in Me. What are we doing to embrace the Whole Gospel so we dont  leave a Hole in the Gospel? This is all about that. Finding out what our purpose that God created us to be on this Earth, so we are showing the world the WHOLE Gospel, & not just part of it.

Like it our not, we are judged by "walk" not JUST the things we talk about.
My Pastor in his Sermon, posed  a few questions that I am going to keep in front of me all the time because I want to be able to answer Yes to God when I am Asked them. They are :

Did you Live from the Life Christ died to give You?


How did you respond to the People God put in your path?

 God Says in Mathew 25 that When you treat the Least of these the way you would treat him, that you are doing them to Him. So, in light of that how ARE we treating the People that God puts in our path? This isnt refering to the Easy people that we like, its the Difficult people that Smell because they are homeless, Dont have a place to live, the Person that is a Prostitute that doesnt know any other life, the Homeless child stealing food because they have nothing to eat.

 So, what exactly am I doing with all that God has blessed me with? Will I at the End of my Life be able to Stand before God and say that I used all that he blessed me with to be a blessing to others? or will I find out that I fell far short of the mark?

WHEW! that's enough to keep you up late at nights if you were a worrier! Thankfully for me, long before i had ever heard about this book, God was Dealing with me on EXACTLY this topic!!

I think its the coolest thing on how God reveals his purpose for our lives, a little bit at a time. Kinda like bread crumbs in the forest. ( or at least that is how its been to me)

Way back in June of 2009 I participated in a Group Blogging Project on a Book called Servolution

That was when I can remember the first time I remember God starting to open my eyes to the purpose he had for my Life. Over the following months I would get bits and pieces of the general idea of the path he was taking me on.

He first used this song that I Blogged about in March of 2010 The song is called "Give me your eyes" By Brandon Heath. It came on the Radio on my way home from Church that Sunday and I was singing along with it, I felt the Holy Spirit tap me on the shoulder ( figuratively, of course) and seem to say " Listen to those words again, do you REALLY hear what it says?

Talk about a Light Bulb Moment!! ( Here's that Blog Post)

I always know that when I see a verse of scripture, referred to over and over in several different places & things I'm watching, things I'm reading, conversations I'm having, that's God saying "listen up! this is something I want you to get" So, when I saw matthew 25 referred to everywhere I went, I had my Listening ears on!!

Sure, you say, I'm so happy that you have realized some of what God wants you to do, but, what does the mean to me?

I'm glad you asked! It means engaging people from the healthiness of Christ, not from our dysfunction, & doing things for the least of these the way we would for Jesus. Figuring out what it is that we CAN do, & doing it, so we can change the world with the little part that everyone can play.

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