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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Give me Your Eyes...

This is the song that I remember being the First song God used to show me what/ where my purpose Lies.... it was Very Cool!! It was Just a song on the radio, on my way home from Church one Sunday afternoon. I remember thinking " Oh this is really a cool song!!" Then it was like a nudge from the Holy Spirit saying " are you really  hearing the words to this song?" " Stop and listen to them!" Then it hit me, WOW!! Like reading a verse of Scripture over and over again. Then one day, you see that verse in a  totally different way! I Felt SUCH a strong need to do exactly what this song was telling me!

This Song Totally Fires me up every Time is Listen to it!! Here's the Lyrics:

Give me Your Eyes- By Brandon Heath

Lyrics | Brandon Heath lyrics - Give Me Your Eyes lyrics

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