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Monday, March 1, 2010

Waiting on God.... and Trying to Not Get ahead of Him.....


I sigh because once again I think i have gotten ahead of God.

I really felt like I was suppose to go on this mission trip with my Daughter and her Youth Group.

But, then, as much as i tried to get money raised, our van broke down, then our boiler broke down, then our Washer broke down!!! I thought, OK, God I really felt like you told me to do this, so, I am gonna have faith that i am supposed to on this mission trip.

Time went by.. and I got a email from the Youth Pastor, asking me if i was still going, I still felt i was suppose to. Right up until the the last minute when i had to make a decision, because things needed to move forward, plans needed to start being made, and i didnt want to be the one that was holding things up. So, i decided to refocus my energies into making sure my Daughter got the opportunity to go.

This is Something that is So totally Gonna change her life in a GOOD way!
I am really Starting to think that, even though i KNOW missions is my calling,i don't think its global missions, not right now anyway! The last thing i want to do is  put God in a Box,but, in my zeal to jump into what i finally realized was what i was meant to do, I'm pretty certain I got ahead of God.

That is such an EASY thing to do!!! So, now i am just going to keep pushing forward  knowing that the things that work, are  more often than not the right things, and the things that don't work aren't meant to work.

Things work SO much better when we Let God do the directing, and we let him orchestrate it all,  and quit trying to make it happen on our own!

The hard part is... remembering that!

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