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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Blog Post for a Couple Special Friends!

 I have some Very Special Friends That I have Never even Met in Real Life, but, they are Like Sisters to me.

The first one her name is Donna and She is a Miami Dolphins Fan and She Shares  the Same Birthday as me.

The other  Her name is Tammy, and She is a Awesome Woman of God, and a Dallas Cowboys fan.

We All met and became friends In AOL's Pro Football Chat room. From 2001- Now we have all Laughed, Cried, Cheered on our Teams, and Talked Smack to Each other in our Fantasy Football League that we have All Been a Part of for the Last 5 years.

Tammy and Donna Lived Pretty Close to each other and was Blessed enough to Be able to Cultivate a Relationship In real life.

About a Week ago, Donna Had a Series of Major and Minor Strokes, that has Cause Major Brain Damage, Had Been on a Ventilator, But, the Family Decided at the advice of the Doctor, to remove her from it. well, They Did, but, The Prognosis is Very Grim and Was Sent Home for the Hospital with Hospice. Throughout this Entire Time, Tammy has  been there the ENTIRE time!!

She's Been there For Donna's Daughter and Family. She Is my Hero!!! She's The one who let the Rest of us Know what has been going on With Donna all of  this Past Week or so. This Is the Definition of Selflessly Serving Your Friends. God's Got an Amazing Reward For Her When she Gets to Heaven!!  I Love Donna and Tammy Both To Pieces! One is My Birthday Buddy!!  One one Is My Sister!!! Both are my EE SISTERS!!


  1. Hi, great post, I want to know if tammy last name is Franklin? She is an old friend and I lost contact more than 15 years ago.

    Thank you

  2. No, Im sorry. My Friends name is Harter. But, thank you For commenting!