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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Servolution in Action!!

WOW! God Just Blows my Mind with the way he divinely connects the dots! There is a Church Here in Fort Wayne that has Actively been Practicing Servolution for 38 yrs here in Fort Wayne. 38 YEARS!!!!! I have Lived here Since 1997 and only because the founding Pastor of that Church's Son has made  my Church his families home church, We have the Opportunity to Dig in and Serve The Inner-City People of Fort Wayne!!

There are SO Many Ministries under one Roof in This Building. They Feed the Inner-city Kids on Sundays, Help People Obtain Job Skills, Get their GED, they have a Clothing Bank as well as a food pantry, In return for that all they ask is that People Serve the Church for 3 hrs once a week. Wow! to see God's Hands and Feet actively working for the poor, and Not just giving them a handout, but, a hand up!  Its Matthew 25 In the Flesh!!!!

I am So Psyched!!!

This has God written ALLOVER it!

And I am SO Ready!!!

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