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Thursday, January 8, 2009

God Reveals a little Bit more

My General Manager Handed me a Paper the Other day for me to fill out in order for her to give me my Evaluation for my Work performance. On that Paper it Listed It had 5 Strengths listed in numerical order.

1. Developing myself
2.Interacting with Children
3.Inspiring People to Take action
4.Being in the Middle of the action

We came to this Being my 5 Main strengths using cards that sort the things that you like most to do and narrowing them down to these 5 Strengths.

Directly below these Strengths was this Question: How am i currently Using these Strengths here at Chick-fil-a? Now i have REALLY Grown to HATE these kinds of questions, mainly because i couldn't for the life of me Figure out what to say or how to describe it. But since i have been treating my ADD its been SO much easier to Express myself on paper or verbally. So, after Getting a little Brain storming with my hubby i figured out what direction i wanted to take in answering these questions. this is what i put for each one.

Developing myself- I have been Using this Strength By Learning More about myself. Finding out what my weaknesses are and where my Strengths lie. Learning about Healthy Boundaries,and becoming aware of areas in my life where I don't have healthy boundaries and learning how to establish them.
Becoming more aware of My worth in God's Eyes and not basing my opinion of myself ( or whether I am doing a good job or a Bad Job based on the leaders emotions!) and Most of all learning to confront issues that I have with others without Dissolving into a puddle of tears because of Fear or Rejection!

Interacting with Children-Noticing that Kids are People( customers) Too! I am using this to assist kids on the front line, and, in the Dining room where they might be overlooked. Kids are Important as well, because their Parents are the Main customers, and if the Kids are Recognized as having value as a customer then the parents are that much more inclined to want to come back.

Inspiring People to Take action- By Learning the Qualities of a Person of Influence. By Being the Example for Other People to Follow all the Time no matter what other people are doing or are not doing. By Doing The things that No one Else will do. By Adding Value to my Team members and leaders.

Being in the Middle of the action- I am always looking for what I can do, if, for instance its slow and there isn't any customers to be helped, I can always find something that needs to be done. I Love to Pitch in and help where people need assistance. My Heart is to Serve that is my Main calling/ gifting / Talent.

Coaching- Helping New Team Members with learning how to do The Job, being there to support and encourage. I am learning to do this in a More Constructive way that encourages and Empowers the New team members. This is a Strength that thru Self discovery, I am realizing that I am not as Strong at this one than the other ones. Maybe a better explanation of it is I misunderstood what this Looked like and that is changing as I Grow Personally and spiritually.. Encouraging is also one of my areas of Gifting so I know that is still a strength. There is Another question after that asks:

"How can i Use these Talents in the next six months?
I answered each of them individually like this:
Developing myself: Continuing to Grow in the areas I have and finding new areas in which to grow. Having my Priorities In the Correct order. Pursuing a Correct Work/ Life Balance that allows me to Give My family my Best and Chick-Fil-A my best , in a way that Ultimately Glorifies and Honors God. Being the Person that thinks( problem solves) for themselves and Helps the Leadership by Not being the Person that they Dont have to Supervise constantly. My overall Goal is to Become the Person of Influence that God has called me to be.
Interacting with Children: making Sure Kids are valued as customers just like the adults. Improving my focus on that.

Inspiring others to take Action: Developing and becoming the Person of Influence that God has Called me to Be, that Encourages and Equips my coworkers / family to be their Best. Focusing on Team building rather than Self Accomplishment.

Coaching: Continuing to learn about Building up new workers and Encouraging Good ( second mile effort) and also encouraging those struggling in that. To help leadership foster a Positive Motivating environment that brings out the best in others. Being a person of Influence!

As I wrote this I realized that This is something that applies to EVERY area of my life! With my family, with the Ministries i am Involved with at Church, and at work. It made me realize that this is WHO i want to be ALL the time! A Person of Influence! The Person who's life Ultimatly Glorifies God. Because, that, My friends is the Bottom line.


  1. Loved your thoughts here!

    It's hard to get introspective about our strengths sometimes. Maybe because we are supposed to be humble and pretend we don't have any? But we do have gifts and no use hiding our light under a bushel, right?

  2. Correct! I think that sometimes if we try to concentrate on our giftings, we will be seen as " stuck on ourselves" so to speak,But, the opposite is true... how do we know who we are of we don't find out these things and develop them? Everything needs to be balanced, so if you are all about you, and Not who God wants you to be, I think that's when you have a problem. But not trying to do it For God's glory!:)