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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Authenticity Part Deux Or Being a Messy Christian

Its Kinda funny,not funny ha ha! but Ironically funny when there is something that i feel God is really trying to Really Get across to me. I see the particular Topic on TV, in things i read,My Pastor preaches a Sermon on it,and it just comes up over and over! That is how i know that is something God is Going "Psst, Check this out!"to me on. Being Authentic is one of those things.

Authenticity is define in the dictonary as : being true to ones personality, spirit, or character

There is other synonyms that are related:authentic:means being actually and exactly what is claimed.Implies being fully trustworthy as according with fact, it can also stress painstaking or faithful imitation of an original
implies good faith and sincerity of intention

My goal is to strive to be an Authentic Christian! I really Feel that If we are going to reach people, then they need to see that We are Authentic! People also want to see Christians that Are Not Trying to Act like they have it all together! that we are people that DO have issues and are Just like them, but, they have this AWESOME Relationship with Christ and BECAUSE of that relationship, they can Love others, and Get over these ISSUES, and Share that with other people, people that really truly NEED God's Grace and Forgiveness in their lives, Because We CANT do it outside of a Relationship with Christ. I have heard the term of " Messy Christianity" and That is SO what the cry of my Heart is . To be a Messy Christian. Jesus Died FOR EVERYONE! He wants ALL to be saved, and come to repentance. Not Just people that think they have it all together,and have no issues! EVERYONE! There is a Book called
Messy Spirituality by a Person called Mike Yaconelli if you want to check this out more!
He talks about What i am talking about! If People see us being Real about ourselves, and our Issues and see us loving them and each other in a NON-judgmental way, I think that is something that will DO AMAZING things for the Kingdom!
There is Other Bloggers that Are all about this! Here!Ragamuffinsoul.com
I love This GUYS Blog!
Him and some other Christian Bloggers
flowerdust.com and Prodigal Jon

They going to be having a Conference type meeting that is Sponsered by Catalyst, called "off the Blog"

I really would like to go to this! I am making this a matter of prayer, Because This is something i REALLY feel called to be and do!

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