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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Goals for 2009, Vision mapping/ The Shack

I have Just started Going to a Group that meets at my Church. It is a Women's Group that Helps Women deal with Life Issues, so that they can Be free from those issues, Get out of Gods way, So he can develop them Into the Women He has Called them to BE! I have really Felt Led to Go to these meetings, and, I heard that they were doing the Study Boundaries, So i decided to give it a try!

My first time there was last Tuesday. Only I found out that they were not doing the study that night, Instead they are having a Guest Speaker that night. This Speaker was going to Speak on Journaling! I love it! this is something that i have started doing on my own! Now, i guess i don't do it in the conventional sense,but, Blogging IS still Journaling weather its in a Regular Journal, Or an electronic one. I really Felt like this is Definitely a Confirmation of the Direction i have been feeling that God wants me to go in! YAY!

I don't have ANY problem with people seeing this Journey of self discovery/ Spiritual Growth of mine that i will be Blogging about from time to time, I want to live a Life that is REAL and Authentic For God! I Am totally DONE putting on a Show/ Mask for People! Anyway, As the Speaker was talking, She seem to Hit on ALOT of the topics that i have been Dealing with On my own! I take that as confirmation that i am on the right track!:) She as she talked about Journaling and vision mapping, she asked each one of us what our strengths were. When she came to me, My mind went blank and all i could think of was the gift of encouragement. But, i was acting out of self conscious when i said that because unlike some of the other women there i actually KNOW my strengths! I really enjoyed listening to her and when she talked about vision mapping( which is actually a way of Putting your goals for that year on paper) I at first thought" I don't have a clue about what those are?" But, as i listened and thought about my strengths, I realized that there ARE things that Are goals i have in Mind for this year. This is what i have come Up with so far:

1. Dealing with/relating with my kids better, more effectively. You know, as i typed this, and i reflect on my Performance review@ work yesterday( another Blog post) I want ALL to Improve ALL of my interpersonal relationship skills, and Learn to relate with all people more effectively.

2.Growing With my Husband in our Marriage:( He's an AWESOME Godly man!)
A. Spiritually
C Financially

3.Continuing to Develop Myself into the Person God wants me to Be! there is a reason that i have had all this Growth and development and i really believe its for:

4. Refining and Developing my Ministry. God has Given me a Specific Purpose (Jeremiah 29:11!!) ( like he has everyone!) But, i have recently zeroed in and become aware of what God has called me to do! ITS awesome that I finally know! My Goal in this area is to move in the direction that i Feel called to, continue to be open to God's leading as this is taking shape:) I Don't want to do the leading in this, and become Locked in to MY idea of what it should be, but, i want to Let God direct it!

I just have finished reading The Shack WHOA! This is a POWERFUL Book! i am going to have to re-read it because its so Good! Now i know that this is a Work of fiction, and not a Theological textbook, but alot of the Ideas and things that are in this book made me go hmmmm.. I never thought of that, in that way before! I Totally Think that this Book in my Life at this time was a Divine appointment for me! If you want to See more, or find out more about this book! go to www.theshackbook.com There you can Find a WHOLE lot more about it and decide if this book is for you! I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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  1. Bonnie, rock on...reading the Shack! Pretty good book.