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Sunday, February 1, 2009

God's Moving! YEAH!

WOW! Today was an AWESOME day @ my Church today! My 16 yr old Step son was REALLY touched by the Guest Speaker! This is a Child that has Really been becoming the Prodigal son. He has been going down the wrong road and Getting into trouble with Drugs, Drinking,Sex,and been in trouble with the law. Part of the Message today was ALMOST EXACTLY what i blogged about on the 28Th! That excites me!!! Confirmation! I LOVE IT! I love the Way God works sometimes!!!!I had my Women's Group Pray for him on Tuesday because the situation was just getting so BAD! I love Answered Prayer!!!! YEAH! :) I am Just praying now that the seed that was Planted Today is NOT STOLEN! :) Those of you that pray.. That is what i ask that you Pray for Concerning Brandon.

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