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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pepcon Disaster- May 4th 1988

I was watching Destroyed in Seconds on Discovery, and they had a Propane Plant catch Fire and Explode! Made me Think of A Similar Explosion that i Experienced In May of 1988. Since every other Disaster has a " Where were you When" Facebook Group I set out to Find a " Where were you when the Pepcon Plant Exploded on May 4,th 1988" Group on Facebook, only to find out that their doesnt seem to be One! That was One of the Terrifying Things that i have ever Been Directly Affected by. The September 11 attacks Were A Horrible thing for our Nation and Many more Lives were lost, but,this is as Close as i have ever Come to Knowing what it was like being in New york on that day.. and it wasnt even Close to being as Bad. I know that there are others that were affected by that day also... Then 9/11 happened and THAT disaster Was forgotten in light of this MUCH GREATER tragedy. Just Something i Remembered Because of Something i watched today, Intresting how Some things affect us that way? I havent thought about that for YEARS until i watched that show tonight.

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