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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Loving Correction

Reciently I made a Comment to one of the Blogs i like to Read... The Question was What Song needs a Break.. And Someone made the Comment that they Thought that " Mighty to Save/ From the Inside Out" was ones THEY thought was a song that needed a Break... To Which i commented:

"Yeah, I would agree with From the Inside Out. We were doing that some Pretty Heavily for a while. Good song... But, It gets old..."

So, Have a Confession to Make! God made me Eat my Words in our Worship Service Today! Which is Why i am Learning to NOT say stuff like songs i think are tired and need a rest..( not that I think that is wrong or anything for anyone else make these Comments, ) But, Because I right away I felt like i was Limiting God , and as SOON as i say something like.. I dont ever want to have to do...This Thing.. Or Go that Place.. Is the Time Always( well, Most of the time) God manages to Put me in a Place of having to DO that which i said i never wanted to do,Or In MY case today.. I commented Recently On how i Felt that the Song " From the Inside Out" was one that needed a Rest... That was until today when our Worship Team Played that particular Song Today and The Spirit REALLY Moved on my Heart and Ministered to me and my Husband in a real Personal way today. So, I am here to Confess That I was convicted about doing that, with that particular song..This Is on One of the Blogs I have Just reciently Started reading pretty Regularly and I really LIKE! heres the Link In case you want to check it out for yourself( if you dont allready that is)its Ragamuffinsoul.com... I Knew the Minute they started Playing it.. I felt a Check in my Spirit..It was in a Loving way though:) No Condemnation at all! :) Just wanted to share!

Who Says God Doesn't have a Sense Of Humor! I love that About Him!

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