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Friday, December 12, 2008

My kids

Anyone else have trouble getting their kids to Follow Directions, or Guidelines, and/ or House rules?

My Kids( all but one) Don't seem to have any regard for any thing my Husband and i say! I don't know what to do about this?? It drives me INSANE! Punishing them doesn't seem to help, taking stuff away doesn't seem to help, rewarding them when i catch them doing stuff right doesn't seem to help. I have gotten to the Point when i just reward the ONE child that seems to have a clue. The others Just don't seem to care.

The three that don't do what they are told, lets call them the MEME's just seem to sit around when they are not at school, On their big fat sense of Entitlement. The one that DOES take the intuitive and do what needs to be done, i will call the NOTME. NOTME does things because they need to be done, NOTME doesn't expect to be rewarded, although we DO reward notme, because, in life outside of living with mom and dad, when you work hard, you usually DO get rewarded for HARD WORK. Anyway, the MEME's just cant understand why Mom and Dad are always getting frustrated with them, despite the fact that they have a VERY good example in NOTME. SO, We have decided to REWARD Notme frequently, hoping that MEME will see this and wonder why notme gets things they don't. Hopefully this works! I am at my wits end with them!

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