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Friday, December 12, 2008

Personal Growth

I have really had ALOT of personal growth in the last few months, and its been very Encouraging to me to see areas in my life open up, and for me to see Things in a totally different way then i ever have before. What is it then, about certain situations that come about that " feel" like they are threatening to topple everything that you have worked so hard to learn? I say " feel" Because I think this is a Test for me. I think that its one of those Rubber Hits the ROAD kinda things that let you know if you have made any REAL progress in your growth or if its just lip service. I think that its in these times that you decide if you are going to live by how things "FEEL" , and therefore, remain in the mess you have always been, in or if you are going to choose to live in this new thing you have learned, and, Be confident in who you know you are becoming and choose to NOT let it bother you. I "CHOOSE" to live in this New thing i have learned and NOT let MY emotions rule me! I have spent WAY too many years living By my emotions and being in a Constant state of Emotional Turmoil! I know Who God says I am, and I will NOT allow these Situations to MOVE me!That is what it really is all about! CHOICE! Nuff said!

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