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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why its Important to be Authentic!

During our Lunch time at work, I was doing my thing,when I called The next customer over and told them i was open and Available to help who ever was next. A lady came over and started to give me her order, when she said, " Didn't you used to live at Dupont Estates?" I was floored and Speechless for a couple seconds, when i replied" yes i did, but i lived there from 98-2000". She said " Yeah, i know, i used to be your neighbor I saw you with your girls all the time". WOW! Imagine that! Someone That Used to be my neighbor from a Place that i haven't live in 8YRS!! and the Girls she was referring to are featured above... they were just little when we lived there, and i was a Single Mom then. I was Astounded by the fact I must have made SOME sort of IMPACT on her for her to remember me after not seeing me for 8YEARS! WOW!! For me, it all goes back to the fact that, as Christians we need to be sure that our walk matches our talk.( and i didn't know ANYTHING about having a A walk with God then!) Because we never know who's watching us. But, today, when she said that, i just thanked God that i did something right away back then. In a time that was really rough for me, did something that made a Neighbor i had 8 yrs previously, remember me on a random visit to have Lunch at Chick-fil-a. So, be encouraged if you feel like you don't matter, or if you feel like the things you do don't really amount to much because they are just ordinary things. You never know when you are going to do something or be something to someone that you think is just ordinary, that will make them remember you after not seeing you for 8 yrs!

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