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Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Song really sunk into my Spirit this Morning

OH wow!

This Song really Spoke to me today at My Church's Service. We have 2 services and Our choir( that i am a part of) Sings on Special occasions, which Christmas is one of the Most special occasions! This is The Cry of my Heart( well, one of them, anyway!) Here are the Lyrics. I had lyrics to go with the Widget, but they were Incomplete! and you gotta see the lyrics with the song! any way here goes!

What else can i do- Steve Fee:

Your love for me is a healing comfort for me
Your grace to me is a matchless gift to me
Your power in me is a mighty river in me
Pre Chorus:
At the end of the day with the setting of the sun
after all is said and done
What else can i do but worship? What else can i do but bow?
'cause all i really long for is you all i really yearn for us you
Verse 2
Your Sovereignty is a sure foundation for me
your care for me is enduring peace in me

Repeat pre chorus x1
Repeat Chorus x1

What else can i do but praise you
Joining in the sound of heaven's song
cause i really long for is you and all i really yearn for is you
and all i really need lord, is you.

Enjoy!--->look at the widget next to this post

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