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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Denver Broncos Fire Mike Shannahan

I had wondered about this today while watching NFL Networks Coach firing watch.. it briefly crossed my mind... But never in my WILDEST DREAMS did i ever think bowlen would actually do it. I am COMPLETELY STUNNED! I don't know what to think ... My stomach is really Upset about this... This is a TOTAL END of an era.. Although, i know we needed a Change.. this really Saddens me! I Have been A Broncos fan all my Life,But, this is a Coach that Brought Honor to this Franchise! He came and Finnally The Broncos Won a Superbowl after Losing 4! When i first found out i was shocked and was thinking.. well, im not really all that suprized.. but, to be TOTALLY honest.. i Never in a million years thought it would actually happen but, the more it has sunk in the sadder it makes me WOW..Its like losing an extended family member you really admired..

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